The Queezies are coming

The Queezies live on the planet Queezon 3, the third planet in the Queezon system.

They are a very inqueezative race with a thirst for knowledge and they like nothing better than asking lots of questions. Despite their name, the Queezies are a very healthy race and no one on Queezon 3 has ever been even the slightest bit poorly. Until now…

Rocket Planet Satellite

They're on a very important mission

The young Queezies on Queezon 3 have suddenly become poorly with a mysterious illness they call Spotty Bottom Pox. To find a cure, the best scientists in the Queezon Federation have been sent on a mission to Manchester to explore the best and busiest children’s hospital in the known Queezleverse.

They’re making the journey in the Federation Z-class, the fastest spaceship in the Queezon Federation.

Meet the Queezies

The Federation Explorer Z-class (or FEZ for short) is on its way to Manchester with some of the brightest minds in the Queezon Federation on board, including their best scientists, engineers and famous space explorers.

You can tell who’s who in the Queezie crew by the colour of the special hat they wear. Not only does it act as an instant translator for any alien languages, but it also carries a lot of the gadgets that the Queezies use when they are exploring.

  • Queezie officers
  • Queezie scientists
  • Queezie engineers

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